White Papers Marketing


The B2B marketing world is swamped with content marketing messages. A lot go completely unnoticed by their intended audience. Case studies and white papers are usually one of the most effective ways of attracting interest from potential customers online.

So, how do you market them to drive more downloads?

Using creative landing page:

An easy-communicative-optimized landing page is a great way to promote your white paper campaign. On publishing your whitepaper, redirect the audience to the page where they can request it. A page that “sells” them on giving you their email address and other contact information in return for the whitepaper.

Using Email/Name Trade:

Ask the readers who are interested to give their name, email and contact details to get access to the valuable information on the whitepapers you have published. It is an almost free method of marketing your white papers. It is arguably a better process than a completely free white paper as the user has to give up something for your information. This makes them more likely to take the white paper seriously since they are now somewhat vested.

Using Blog:

A good whitepaper has enough ideas to fuel several blog posts. A blog can be easily created once you have written your whitepaper. So, once you have published your whitepaper, extract one key idea to blog about. At the end, set a link to the landing page of your website for the full whitepaper. This could be repeated till all your key ideas of the whitepaper are covered.

Using e-books:

While we’re taught not to judge a book by it’s cover, we do. An e-book can have a lot of color and graphics, or not much at all. Fans of e-books call them “the hip and stylish younger sister to the nerdy white paper”. So using the e-book format to engage reader is a good trick as well.

Using Webinars:

Similarly to hosting an event, running a related webinar and offering your whitepaper as related materials is a good way of driving interest or downloads of your whitepaper. The benefit of webinars over events is that it eliminates the geographic boundaries of your audience.

Using Social media:

Using Google ad words, Facebook page posts ads, tweeter’s pay per tweet campaign can drive in a lot of targeted market to promote your whitepages. There may be a number of ways to promote on social media platforms, but for driving whitepaper downloads promoted ad campaigns is probably the most cost effective option.

Tips for getting a whitepaper published:

The most common form of whitepaper publishing is to author your own white paper and self-publish on your own website or hire an expert and collaboratively do the same. The key to getting marketing traction with your white paper is to ensure that it is written at the highest standards of English prose and research, which means, if your white paper has mistakes, you immediately lose credibility.


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