By now most of us have heard of the Vine application which was launched last year by twitter that allows you to shoot and share 6-second long looping videos. The simplicity of the design and easy functionality have made Vine a tough contender among its competition. Videos range from the amateur to the decidedly expensive-looking, although the beauty of Vine is that any smartphone will let you test out your creativity.

So how do you leverage the 6 second video for maximum impact.


It’s all about the right message..

What really differentiates a great Vine from an average one depends on the message you are delivering. It’s imperative to deliver a clear message within the 6-second timeframe.

Show your personality…

Every medium has its own strength, youtube and vimeo lets you interact with number of minutes and condensed video platform like Instagram and Vine allows you only a moment that relies on quick emotional hooks and grabs. Your Vine must make sense to your target audience after all you only have 6 seconds to attract your target audience.

Showcase New Content…

Brands can be creative and unique by creating a video teaser for a new product. Make sure the elements you include are visual appealing and engaging for viewers.

Use Hashtags..

Since vine is a product of Twitter it also enables the utilization of hashtags, which is a great way to maximise company exposure by sorting through relevant topics. The main objective is to gain more followers for your company.

Share & Promote.. 

Widen your reach. Share a link from Vine on Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media marketing platform your company uses. Be sure to promote your business by including a link back to your company website.

Some brands have been particularly innovative when it comes to their Vine output- My favourite being the Oreo. Oreo takes advantage of every holiday and major calendar event with a well-timed and often hilarious six second blast of ingenuity. Here’s their latest addition on vine.



Got any examples of your favourite Vine videos. Do share..!


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