Faster, cheaper, better — this is the mantra  these days. As marketers, we want to unleash campaigns faster, see better results, and do all of it in a cost-effective way – and we’re always looking for something to help us do just that.

Talk about the new agile marketing approach. It drives long-term marketing strategies with short-term, customer-focused iterative projects that improve responsiveness and relevance. It allows for faster creative, more testing, smarter improvements and better results. Now, marketers are adapting agile practices to fuel their campaigns – and the movement is revolutionizing the marketing industry.

From Strategy To The Spotlight

Smart marketers know they need to act fast and create relevant and interesting assets in our fast-paced and interactive digital world. Agile marketing unlocks the door to that power.

Common practice for agile marketing is to collaborating, communicating, rapid cycles, and harnessing customer input to tailor the perfect product. Marketers keep campaign creation flexible and responsive to real time data and developments. This quicker lifecycle allows brands to stay competitive and compelling – and positions them to create campaigns that move at the speed of ideas.

Ask any marketer about their favorite examples of a successful agile marketing campaign, and Oreo’s Superbowl tweet from 2013 .” You can still dunk in the dark” inevitably pops up. While the Superbowl and the Grammys might not seem connected to their product, the marketing teams created a clever way to direct an existing buzz of attention to their own brands Now that is what we call Clever. Entertaining. Memorable.

So just how do agile marketers position themselves for that kind of success?

  • Get In Synch to unleash a consistent brand message, look and feel across all channels.
  • Use The Right Tools to ensure maximum efficiency and creative power to facilitate collaboration and memorable, responsive campaigns.
  • Use Real-Time Data to refine the campaigns to address precise audience motivations and needs.
  • Follow A Scrum Framework to be flexible enough to quickly respond to emerging customer feedbacks.

Agile Marketing is more than a new marketing trend; it’s about embracing transformation as a way of business. In a digital world that’s perpetually changing, nothing could deliver higher marketing rewards.


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