Just like Facebook pages started appearing in TV, magazine and newspapers ads, we’re starting to see more QR Code appear in traditional advertisements. QR CODES are one of the most powerful marketing tools for mobile marketers, connecting the physical to the digital world for interactive multi-channel campaigns.

The trend towards increasingly use of QR codes technology suggests that the potential is there, but the question remains whether marketers will fully exploit the opportunities QR codes have to offer.

 What is QR Codes exactly?

QR is short for Quick Response (they can be read quickly by a cell phone). They’re used for encoding information in two-dimensional space — like in the pages of magazines, in advertisements and even on TV and Web sites.

QR Codes have multiple benefits for marketers. 

They are universal- free technology for all smart phone users, convenient – easy to use by both maker and user, extremely cost-effective- creating a QR code and placing it on advertisements is free, Engaging – Captures attention and creates instant interaction, Measurable – Real time tracking and editing for more control, detailed ROI and real-time consumer insight and lastly versatile – visually appealing when designed with custom colors and a logo. The reach and ease of use of open-source QR codes for both users and advertisers make them the greatest mobile connector so far, linking all the other mass media to the digital world to engage mobile consumers.

 So how to generate and read your personalised QR Codes?

There are a lot of free QR code generator online available that help you create your marketing campaign like http://www.qrcode.kaywa.com, http://www.goqr.me, http://www.qr-code-generator.com to name a few. The reader applications are also available in abundance for types of phones. The QR code generators have various options in terms of what you want it for. For example, Vcards, weblinks (website, facebook, twitter etc), promotional campaigns (sms, campaign flyer display, geolocations, events, email etc.). Well there are paid services for the same as well if one wishes to customise their code by adding their logo or images to make it more attractive.

The organisation has to just create the desired campaign for its QR code and promote it via traditional marketing in their ads, flyers, visiting cards, tent cards etc. as a link to its ongoing promotions or to social media platforms. The users on the other hand has to download a QR scanner reader app in their phone and scan the code to get the details of the campaign.

Eg: A café creates a buy one get one free coffee campaign and all those who wish to avail the offer need to scan the QR code to get the link, code, text or sms.

 Keys to QR code success

  • Provides added value with contents that converts.
  • Offer optimal mobile-optimised experience after the scan.
  • Include call to action and instructions for higher engagement.
  • Create smart campaigns with design, targeted and dynamic (embedded logo and images) QR codes.
  • Test all your QR codes on multiple devices and readers.
  •  Track, measure and optimise your campaigns in real time.

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